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Dogs love our products as much as your dog loves you.


Dogs love our products as much as your dog loves you.

Hank and his dinosaur

Hank loves all of his goDog toys but his dinosaur he especially loves. He will destroy anything he can but all he does is suck on his dinosaur like a binky. I love getting him these toys because number one they last and two Hank… Read more “Hank and his dinosaur”

Heather L Klouser
December 14, 2021

Stella and Rexy

Our rescue chihuahua/minpin had anxiety issues when we got her. Her toy Rexy has been her security blanket for years now and we cannot believe how durable it is. Thanks for an amazing product. Stella always has Rexy in her mouth or by her side.

k ski
December 1, 2021

“El Distructo” hasn’t

My dog Sterling normally destroys even the toughest toys within 15 minutes. I’ve tried your toys with the two guard now and so far we have not destroyed a single toy! Congratulations on making Sterling-proof toys!

Mindy Tumarkin
December 1, 2021


Since everyday is Christmas around here, Teag got her gifts early and currently checking them all out one by one. She just love Godot stuffed animals ❤❤❤

Lisa M Colgate
December 1, 2021

Duncan’s Favorite!

Duncan is now up to 5 “Puffs” as we call them. He usually walks around our house with one in his mouth. He has one in his mouth when he greets visitors or when he watches out the window. He even takes them outside. I’d… Read more “Duncan’s Favorite!”

Susan Pohle
October 27, 2021

10/10 from Sandy!

Our girl Sandy has many toys, because she’s a super chewer. However, of all the gifts she’s ever been given, GoDog toys have been her all time favorites!

Alyssa Lynch
September 30, 2021

Awesome Motion Toy

I recently purchased the frog motion toy. My dog absolutely loves it. I can’t wait to buy more.

September 30, 2021

Alby finds a toy to love

We recently adopted a 5 yr old Doberman. We bought him several toys, but Alby wouldn’t play with any of them. We bought him your cute little duck a few days ago to try once more. I removed the tags, and he immediately took it… Read more “Alby finds a toy to love”

Charlotte Johnson
August 19, 2021

Lylas favorite toy

We have a 3 month old black lab. We were looking for a toy she would not shred and destroy in the first dews days she had it. We bought your duck and it is her absolute favorite. She plays fetch with it, sleeps with… Read more “Lylas favorite toy”

Mary Stout
August 19, 2021

What is it about your toy?

GoDog Squirrel Dog Toy

I bought “squeaky” 4 or 5 years ago for my dog. She tears into every toy but this one. Squeaky gets carried, tossed, and loved. She looked pretty sad in spite of a few rounds in the washer. Desperate to replace it, I bought every… Read more “What is it about your toy?”

July 16, 2021

Tonka Cuteness

Purple Furballz Toy

Tonka always has his purple ball!

Robin Halpern
July 16, 2021

Still in great shape.

Arlo was given Checkers chicken by the breeder for the flight home. 5 months later still in great condition. It survived his razor blade baby teeth. It is still one of his favorites.

Mary Gill
July 16, 2021

Crystal and Barney

Crystal had a purple dino we call Barney when we got her as a pup. She has loads of toys but Barney still gets dragged out regularly and apart from a thin neck he is still going strong. She loves Barney!!!

Mike James
July 16, 2021

She loved her Dinosaurs

Sophie was gifted 2 Dinos as a pup and she loved them until her passing at the age of 10. I recently got my new puppy another.

Tom Ryan
June 2, 2021

Go Dog for the win

I adopted a Malinois/DS pup. He is really hard on his stuffies. I bought him a gator last year and he flung and swung it everywhere. It is his go-to stuffie. I was so pleased with the ruggedness of this toy, I bought him a… Read more “Go Dog for the win”

Lynne Brostuen
May 14, 2021

Loves his dinosaur

I have a shih tzu that will be six this year and he was given the purple dinosaur when he was one and he still has it!! No matter what other toys we buy, he always goes back o his dinosaur. He sleeps with it… Read more “Loves his dinosaur”

Tedra Brown
May 10, 2021

fantastic company !!!

Above all, my dog ​​is a monster maligator (malinoisxlevierxhusky).
I was recommended the furballz for its robustness. I knew my dog ​​would be in love because he loves hairy stuffed animals. Unfortunately, the ball had a very limited lifespan (but a lot of fun)… Read more “fantastic company !!!”

Émy Angers
May 10, 2021

Only Brand I Will Buy

I have a pitty, big terror lol. He loves to shred toys these are the only thing that lasts. BEST BRAND OUT THERE!

Glenn Langford
April 7, 2021

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