We have had 3 large dogs, any toy with stuffing or a squeaker usually only lasted days. Sometimes not even 1 day…just minutes. Des-stuffed and squeakers destroyed with precision and efficiency. We just got another Piranha I mean puppy and I saw this cute chicken and thought I would buy it. We very quickly learned that the GoDog toys are weren’t the same as all the others. The quality of the GoDog toys are in a class of their own!!! Quality is top notch!!! Never before would I have considered using a stuffed animal as a tug toy. I am blown away with how well GoDog toys hold up to sharp puppy teeth and teen puppy tug of war!! And “silent” squeakers… Genius! Thanks for all the joy you bring to dogs and owners alike. Most importantly owners pocketbooks!!! I don’t usually do reviews on products (unless it’s to warn others about bad companies or products) but I am compelled to let you and others know what great products you make! Thank you!! I recommend them to all my pet parent friends. Keep up the great work! (Maybe you can remove the TV noise in the background of the video) Best toys EVER!!