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Meet Your Dog’s New Best Friends!

Soft, cuddly, silly, fun, squeaky, durable dog toys that stand up to tough play!

Made Stronger To Last Longer!

goDog toys are made with Chew Guard Technology™, our proprietary manufacturing process, adding durable mesh lining and reinforced seams that stand up to tough play.

Ultrasonic Toys Only Your Dogs Can Hear!

Our Silent Squeak™ toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys, but tuned outside of human hearing range.

Dogs Love goDog!

  • Goldendoodle versus Rooster

    I can’t believe the strength of Godog toys. My Goldendoodle puppy carries her rooster everywhere she goes. We play tug of war with it and her sharp teeth don’t tear it. After I bought Rooster, I bought the rest of the toys in the collection. She learned to bring me each toy by name and we play fetch. I wash them once a week and they look brand new. I am amazed that material can hold up like these toys!

    Jodi Jacobson

  • English lab approved!

    We only buy goDog toys now because he LOVES them and last way longer than any other brand. Griffey (140 pounds) has them memorized by name! Duck is missing a leg, beak, wings and eyes and he is still his favorite!!!

    Cindy Bjorkquist

  • 10/10 from Sandy!

    Our girl Sandy has many toys, because she’s a super chewer. However, of all the gifts she’s ever been given, GoDog toys have been her all time favorites!

    Alyssa Lynch

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