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Dogs love our products as much as your dog loves you.


Dogs love our products as much as your dog loves you.

Happy mom happy dog

My daughter literally ran to find me in the pet store to show me this toy. I Hate Squeaker toys like I Hate glitter. I nearly bought them all. This is the current favorite. Prayers answered.

Amanda Mckee
November 17, 2022

Tough Enough for a Power Chewer

As Corduroy’s designated “Grandma “, it’s my job to spoil him, so I have been hunting for something that would last. Rawhides and Bully Sticks? Nope. A competitor’s activity/chew toy?It worked while there were treats still in it, but once those were gone? No interest.… Read more “Tough Enough for a Power Chewer”

Andrea Vehec
September 19, 2022

Dakota loves her purple Dino.

Dakota loves her purple Dino. I always look for the GoDog label, they are the only stuffed toys that hold up. I also appreciate that the squeaker isn’t too loud.

Gabriela Flanagan
September 19, 2022

Ella’s first toy

Almost three years old now and Ella still loves the first toy and it’s squeaker! It’s old and torn but she still keeps it close and ready to play!

Nancy Jay
September 19, 2022

Ember loves her dragon

Lasted a bit longer than others without damage, she finally got one if the pink nubs chewed off. 2 weeks which is pretty good. She has chewed, squeaked, and tried to totally demolish dragon but so far still squeaks and is in good shape. Will… Read more “Ember loves her dragon”

August 24, 2022

The only toys he loves!

We have to say how much we appreciate GoDog toys, especially the long legged chicken. We have a few back ups in case it gets lost. Oliver has loved this particular toy since he was a pup. Now at 3 he still plays with it… Read more “The only toys he loves!”

Audrey Butler
August 24, 2022

One Happy Doberman!

For several years, our female dobie has LOVED the GoDog plush toys! Her favorite are the colorful Furballz, but she has quite a variety to choose from. They are the best quality and they last forever! Some of hers are a few years old, and… Read more “One Happy Doberman!”

Taylor Arp
August 24, 2022

Dragon + River = Love

So our lady River Rose Rector a mixed Boxer loves her dragons. She has a blue and and a green. Her blue dragon goes with here everywhere and I do mean everywhere. She takes her to bed every night and wakes up with her ready… Read more “Dragon + River = Love”

Joseph Rector
June 20, 2022


I bought my 2 golden retrievers several go dog toys. All are still holding up after 2 years. They have even held up between tug of wars and me washing them when they gotten dirty! Absolutely recommend these toys! All of them.

Amanda Stroup
June 20, 2022

Goldendoodle versus Rooster

I can’t believe the strength of Godog toys. My Goldendoodle puppy carries her rooster everywhere she goes. We play tug of war with it and her sharp teeth don’t tear it. After I bought Rooster, I bought the rest of the toys in the collection.… Read more “Goldendoodle versus Rooster”

Jodi Jacobson
June 20, 2022

English lab approved!

We only buy goDog toys now because he LOVES them and last way longer than any other brand. Griffey (140 pounds) has them memorized by name! Duck is missing a leg, beak, wings and eyes and he is still his favorite!!!

Cindy Bjorkquist
June 20, 2022

Best dog toy EVER!!!

We have had 3 large dogs, any toy with stuffing or a squeaker usually only lasted days. Sometimes not even 1 day…just minutes. Des-stuffed and squeakers destroyed with precision and efficiency. We just got another Piranha I mean puppy and I saw this cute chicken… Read more “Best dog toy EVER!!!”

May 4, 2022

Dino land!

Good money from Dinoland!

Diane Beers
April 6, 2022

Anxiety Helper

I have a 10 year old chocolate lab and he has bad anxiety. Whenever anyone comes over, one of his pack leaves, and if we leave for vacation. The only thing that soothes him is his “crazy head” as we call it. He grabs it… Read more “Anxiety Helper”

Ali Barnes
April 6, 2022

Buck’s True Love

I bought the large Checkers Chicken for my Granddoggie Buck. He is devoted to it. When he goes outside, he leaves the chicken at the front door to stand guard. When he watches TV, the chicken watches with him. The chicken sleeps with him. He… Read more “Buck’s True Love”

Barbara Ergas
February 15, 2022

Skipper Tested, Skipper Approved

Skipper, our ~75 lb rescue boxhound destroys most toys, but not Godoggy Toys. He brings his GoDoggy toys everywhere and leaves them everywhere. He likes to take the toys outside and leave them outside in the weather luke rain, snow, and mud. Then bring them… Read more “Skipper Tested, Skipper Approved”

Cheri Dickey
February 15, 2022

Chester’s Pink Piggie ❤️

Pink Piggie was one of the toys the kids bought when they gave Chester to me last Christmas. It’s crazy how he is so attached to this particular toy! It’s his favorite for fetch and throwing around on his own. It’s his favorite to play… Read more “Chester’s Pink Piggie ❤️”

Linda Johnson
January 11, 2022

Mastiff slime and fun!

My rescue boys have a great time with goDog entertainment. How a Cane Corso and a Presa Canario share a toy.

Wren Ingram
January 11, 2022

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