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frequently Asked Questions

Curious about something? More than likely you are wondering the same thing as someone else! See below for our most asked questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for be sure to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have when you call us at (303) 623-3327 or email us at 

What is Chew Guard Technology™?

Chew Guard Technology™ is a special manufacturing process that adds a super-tough liner to our plush toys. We combine this high-tech lining with reinforced seams to make these toys withstand rough play and tough treatment.

What if my dog is able to destroy a Chew Guard™ toy?

We offer a free one-time replacement! Please just complete and submit the replacement request form found at and we’ll send a different toy for your dog to try out.

Do you replace multiple toys if my dog is able to destroy them?

No, the Chew Guard™ guarantee is limited to a one-time, one replacement toy per household.

Is the Chew Guard™ guarantee offered internationally?

The Chew Guard™ guarantee is only valid in the US and Canada.

Are replacement squeakers available for purchase?

No, we recommend not replacing squeakers in a toy because it would compromise the seams and make the toy easier for dogs to destroy.

What type of materials do you use for your products?

Requirements & Safety Standards: All of our products are safe and non-toxic and made to child safety standards as there are no standards for pet toys. All of our products are tested for toxins, BPA and phthalates.

The toys meet strict requirements and safety standards that are required for toys for infants and toddlers (the strictest of US standards). Also, most of our toys are tested to European toy standards which have even more strict requirements than the US.

Read more info on our child safety standards.

Materials: The dyes that are used are standard fabric dyes, same as clothing, blankets, etc. Fabrics are standard polyester that come from same fabric mills that make clothing. We do “crocking” tests to make sure the dyes are permanent to the fabrics and don’t rub off.

Fill/Stuffing: Filling is polyester fiber-fill, same as used in your pillows or kid’s toys. We do not use flame retardants on any of our products.

How do I clean my goDog Chew Guard™ toy?

While we recommend spot-cleaning only to protect the components of the squeaker inside, you can machine wash the toys in the cold / gentle cycle and air dry.

Where are goDog toys manufactured?

goDog toys are are made in China by one of our long-standing partners.  All of our products are produced to Child Safety Standards for the safety of your entire family.