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Have a Story to Share about Your goDog Experience?

Phoebes Pig

My ShiTzu Phoebe has always nursed on her toys but the favorite has always been her GoDog pig. I have tried many replacements from GoDog and other brands as well but this is the only one she truly likes. Although it’s in rough shape, after probably 7 years it is still mostly intact. GoDog makes

Beth Noel

Sandy and her dinosaurs

Sandy is a chewer. No toy stands a chance with her. But yours are the best I have found. She still enjoys them no matter how many holes they have.

M lewis

Bella Loves Her Dragon

Bella loves her godog toys, especially the dragon and dinosaur.

Cecily Franklin

Loves your toys!

We have a two year old Samoyed, she loves these toys! They are very durable and has a longer squeaker. She carries them inside and outside to the backyard everyday, we taught her to pick up her “dragon” and her “alligator” goDog toys. We had the smaller ones when she was a pup and now


Game Changer

My little 20lb hound mix goes through soft toys like a buzz saw through balsa wood. Go dog squeak toys are the only soft toys that can stand up to her and she absolutely LOVES them. We have tried other so called indestructible toys that last less than ten minute. No exaggeration. I have actually

Jennifer S

Best toys ever!

Missing arms or legs; there are a few toys he loves. This Duck for example is one of his favorites, the other is the big chicken. Oliver is 4 and I’ve only had to replace 1 toy so far. Keep it up Go Dog! We are getting a new baby tomorrow. He is getting a


Love my GoDog Hoard

Our Aussie Ripley (AKA “Rippy” due to toy deaths) loves her GoDog toys. Between her roughness and strong chewing habits and our five Shelties surgical dismantling of seams to remove squeakers, most toys don’t last a month in our house without serious damage and cotton fluff everywhere. The toys in her picture are her favorite

Alicia McDowell

Hoping Santa brings him a GoDog Dragon for Christmas

Murphy (S’Murph) loves his GoDog. It’s the only toy that lasts. We have 2 Irish Wolfhounds, a Great Dane & a Border Collie. We have tried many toys, nothing compares to GoDog. We tried finding a new dragon for Christmas. You are so popular, everywhere we looked was sold out. My only wish is that

Vickie Nichols


Rosy loves her dragon!!!

John Stephens

Luna is loving her first

Luna is loving her first Go Dog toy! She especially likes the squeaky noise and chasing our other pups around the house when they want a turn!


Frankie loves her baby

Our pittie destroys every toy. I bought her this one for Christmas, and she absolutely loves it. She carries it around with her everywhere. Tosses it in the air and catches it. Snuggles it when she’s sleeping.


Go dog toys are the best

Hi, my husband and I have three. 85 pound dogs two Golden and an English lab. They absolutely love love love your toys they demolish everything else but I’ve had this poor little sad lamb who used to be white the dogs love it and I only had one so the other day I realized


On the run up to

On the run up to getting our Irish Water Spaniel puppy I was searching for the best toys and came across a small green dragon in TK Maxx (UK), my puppy was instantly in love and carried it absolutely everywhere! I managed to find so much more of the dragon collection on amazon and totally

Carrie Wilson

Happy mom happy dog

My daughter literally ran to find me in the pet store to show me this toy. I Hate Squeaker toys like I Hate glitter. I nearly bought them all. This is the current favorite. Prayers answered.

Amanda Mckee

Maxie Still Loves Her Dragon!

As a pup, my GSD, Maxie, totally destroyed every single toy I got for her! I can’t tell you how many different kinds of “tough” toys she went through. I finally found your Dragon Go Dog and was skeptical at first cause it was plush and had a squeaker. But I gave it a try.

Kathy Heldenbrand

Toys that withstand massive Mastiff slobber!

GoDog toys last longer than a hot minute with Groot!! He makes sure to thoroughly slime each and every one!

Kim Gronemeyer

Indestructible toy

My daughter bought this toy for our dog two years ago as a birthday gift. Our Frenchie destroys every toy he could get his paws on. This indestructible toy has been the only one he has ever had in his 13 years, that he cannot destroy or break apart. Best dog toy brand ever!

Gigi garcia

Happy mom happy dog

My daughter literally ran to find me in the pet store to show me this toy. I Hate Squeaker toys like I Hate glitter. I nearly bought them all. This is the current favorite. Prayers answered.

Amanda Mckee

Tough Enough for a Power Chewer

As Corduroy’s designated “Grandma “, it’s my job to spoil him, so I have been hunting for something that would last. Rawhides and Bully Sticks? Nope. A competitor’s activity/chew toy?It worked while there were treats still in it, but once those were gone? No interest. Balls of every conceivable size? He’d look at you and

Andrea Vehec

Dakota loves her purple Dino.

Dakota loves her purple Dino. I always look for the GoDog label, they are the only stuffed toys that hold up. I also appreciate that the squeaker isn’t too loud.

Gabriela Flanagan

Ella’s first toy

Almost three years old now and Ella still loves the first toy and it’s squeaker! It’s old and torn but she still keeps it close and ready to play!

Nancy Jay

Ember loves her dragon

Lasted a bit longer than others without damage, she finally got one if the pink nubs chewed off. 2 weeks which is pretty good. She has chewed, squeaked, and tried to totally demolish dragon but so far still squeaks and is in good shape. Will definitely get her another one when this one finally spits


The only toys he loves!

We have to say how much we appreciate GoDog toys, especially the long legged chicken. We have a few back ups in case it gets lost. Oliver has loved this particular toy since he was a pup. Now at 3 he still plays with it most, and nurses on it every evening. We are one

Audrey Butler

One Happy Doberman!

For several years, our female dobie has LOVED the GoDog plush toys! Her favorite are the colorful Furballz, but she has quite a variety to choose from. They are the best quality and they last forever! Some of hers are a few years old, and they’ve endured outdoor play, being washed, and being snuggled of

Taylor Arp

Dragon + River = Love

So our lady River Rose Rector a mixed Boxer loves her dragons. She has a blue and and a green. Her blue dragon goes with here everywhere and I do mean everywhere. She takes her to bed every night and wakes up with her ready to potty in the morning. She takes care of her

Joseph Rector


I bought my 2 golden retrievers several go dog toys. All are still holding up after 2 years. They have even held up between tug of wars and me washing them when they gotten dirty! Absolutely recommend these toys! All of them.

Amanda Stroup

Goldendoodle versus Rooster

I can’t believe the strength of Godog toys. My Goldendoodle puppy carries her rooster everywhere she goes. We play tug of war with it and her sharp teeth don’t tear it. After I bought Rooster, I bought the rest of the toys in the collection. She learned to bring me each toy by name and

Jodi Jacobson

English lab approved!

We only buy goDog toys now because he LOVES them and last way longer than any other brand. Griffey (140 pounds) has them memorized by name! Duck is missing a leg, beak, wings and eyes and he is still his favorite!!!

Cindy Bjorkquist

Best dog toy EVER!!!

We have had 3 large dogs, any toy with stuffing or a squeaker usually only lasted days. Sometimes not even 1 day…just minutes. Des-stuffed and squeakers destroyed with precision and efficiency. We just got another Piranha I mean puppy and I saw this cute chicken and thought I would buy it. We very quickly learned


Dino land!

Good money from Dinoland!

Diane Beers

Anxiety Helper

I have a 10 year old chocolate lab and he has bad anxiety. Whenever anyone comes over, one of his pack leaves, and if we leave for vacation. The only thing that soothes him is his “crazy head” as we call it. He grabs it and immediately starts suckling on it. His little brother steals

Ali Barnes

Buck’s True Love

I bought the large Checkers Chicken for my Granddoggie Buck. He is devoted to it. When he goes outside, he leaves the chicken at the front door to stand guard. When he watches TV, the chicken watches with him. The chicken sleeps with him. He places it before his food dish to eat. He doesn’t

Barbara Ergas

Skipper Tested, Skipper Approved

Skipper, our ~75 lb rescue boxhound destroys most toys, but not Godoggy Toys. He brings his GoDoggy toys everywhere and leaves them everywhere. He likes to take the toys outside and leave them outside in the weather luke rain, snow, and mud. Then bring them back and drop them next to our bed or desk

Cheri Dickey

Chester’s Pink Piggie ❤️

Pink Piggie was one of the toys the kids bought when they gave Chester to me last Christmas. It’s crazy how he is so attached to this particular toy! It’s his favorite for fetch and throwing around on his own. It’s his favorite to play tug-of-war with his cousin. It’s his favorite to lay around

Linda Johnson

Mastiff slime and fun!

My rescue boys have a great time with goDog entertainment. How a Cane Corso and a Presa Canario share a toy.

Wren Ingram

Hank and his dinosaur

Hank loves all of his goDog toys but his dinosaur he especially loves. He will destroy anything he can but all he does is suck on his dinosaur like a binky. I love getting him these toys because number one they last and two Hank loves them.

Heather L Klouser

Stella and Rexy

Our rescue chihuahua/minpin had anxiety issues when we got her. Her toy Rexy has been her security blanket for years now and we cannot believe how durable it is. Thanks for an amazing product. Stella always has Rexy in her mouth or by her side.

k ski

“El Distructo” hasn’t

My dog Sterling normally destroys even the toughest toys within 15 minutes. I’ve tried your toys with the two guard now and so far we have not destroyed a single toy! Congratulations on making Sterling-proof toys!

Mindy Tumarkin


Since everyday is Christmas around here, Teag got her gifts early and currently checking them all out one by one. She just love Godot stuffed animals ❤❤❤

Lisa M Colgate

Duncan’s Favorite!

Duncan is now up to 5 “Puffs” as we call them. He usually walks around our house with one in his mouth. He has one in his mouth when he greets visitors or when he watches out the window. He even takes them outside. I’d definitely recommend this product! I know Duncan does too!

Susan Pohle

10/10 from Sandy!

Our girl Sandy has many toys, because she’s a super chewer. However, of all the gifts she’s ever been given, GoDog toys have been her all time favorites!

Alyssa Lynch

Awesome Motion Toy

I recently purchased the frog motion toy. My dog absolutely loves it. I can’t wait to buy more.


Alby finds a toy to love

We recently adopted a 5 yr old Doberman. We bought him several toys, but Alby wouldn’t play with any of them. We bought him your cute little duck a few days ago to try once more. I removed the tags, and he immediately took it and added it to the pile of toys. He went

Charlotte Johnson

Lylas favorite toy

We have a 3 month old black lab. We were looking for a toy she would not shred and destroy in the first dews days she had it. We bought your duck and it is her absolute favorite. She plays fetch with it, sleeps with it and it has to go in the car with

Mary Stout

What is it about your toy?

GoDog Squirrel Dog Toy
I bought “squeaky” 4 or 5 years ago for my dog. She tears into every toy but this one. Squeaky gets carried, tossed, and loved. She looked pretty sad in spite of a few rounds in the washer. Desperate to replace it, I bought every chipmunk I could find, not thinking to look at the


Tonka Cuteness

Purple Furballz Toy

Tonka always has his purple ball!

Robin Halpern

Still in great shape.

Arlo was given Checkers chicken by the breeder for the flight home. 5 months later still in great condition. It survived his razor blade baby teeth. It is still one of his favorites.

Mary Gill

Crystal and Barney

Crystal had a purple dino we call Barney when we got her as a pup. She has loads of toys but Barney still gets dragged out regularly and apart from a thin neck he is still going strong. She loves Barney!!!

Mike James

She loved her Dinosaurs

Sophie was gifted 2 Dinos as a pup and she loved them until her passing at the age of 10. I recently got my new puppy another.

Tom Ryan

Go Dog for the win

I adopted a Malinois/DS pup. He is really hard on his stuffies. I bought him a gator last year and he flung and swung it everywhere. It is his go-to stuffie. I was so pleased with the ruggedness of this toy, I bought him a dragon. You can see by his smile, he loves his

Lynne Brostuen

Loves his dinosaur

I have a shih tzu that will be six this year and he was given the purple dinosaur when he was one and he still has it!! No matter what other toys we buy, he always goes back o his dinosaur. He sleeps with it and loves on it every day for the last five

Tedra Brown

fantastic company !!!

Above all, my dog ​​is a monster maligator (malinoisxlevierxhusky). I was recommended the furballz for its robustness. I knew my dog ​​would be in love because he loves hairy stuffed animals. Unfortunately, the ball had a very limited lifespan (but a lot of fun) so I called for a replacement toy. 2 weeks later we

Émy Angers

Only Brand I Will Buy

I have a pitty, big terror lol. He loves to shred toys these are the only thing that lasts. BEST BRAND OUT THERE!

Glenn Langford

“Go Dog Fan”

We rehomed our wonderful Dobie last year and the Go Dog Furbalz (especially the rainbow one) came highly recommended. I keep a couple of those on hand, and of course, happened to buy a few more. The toys last, but the squeakers don’t last too long :-). Most of our photos have a Go Dog


Dino is alive and well after one week!

Pippi’s record for getting the squeaker out of a toy is 35 minutes! Her brand new plush toys last 2 days maximum before they are deconstructed! I bought her the Dinosaur, hoping for 2 days minimum. She loves it! She plays with it, she squeaks it, and carries it around in her mouth from one

Bonnie Holland

Cy’s new favorite toy!

I offered the Dragon to Cami (corgi mix) first, Cy walked over and took it. It has been with him since. Got it on Thursday and by Saturday he had opened a seam. I have fixed it and he has it again. He did this to his previous favorite toy. There will be more “go

Roberta Henshaw

1000/10 RECOMMEND !!!

Here is my 6-month-old husky going to town on this cute unicorn toy 😍 she destroys everything sooo easily, except this toy! and she LOVES it so much she carries it around quite often 😂

Jessica Brainerd

Even the Squeaker still works

Herra got the bunny for Christmas, and barely puts it down. Usually, she breaks the squeaker in less than an hour and rips the toy open within a couple of days. Bunny is still going strong more than a week later! I am very impressed and plan to stick with GoDog from now on.

Tyler VanTil


My pupper loves your toys. So much so that he has found a way to destroy them quicker than most…. he got this unicorn in his pupbox for Christmas….poor thing didn’t last 20 minutes 😂😂 he seems to prefer the skins for his long time play

Kareema Palmer

My puppy Diva Love

My puppy Diva Love these toys they are very durable and fun to play with!!

Diva Cici

ZoeyGrace GoDog Fan

Chickens, Dinos and Sloths – ZoeyGrace loves all her GoDog toys. She’s especially fond of her ever growing collection of every color of Furrballz and often deposits one on my keyboard when I’m working.

Katherine Garrison

Love my GoDog Toys!


Marlena Carter

These toys are amazing

I was leaving the pet store a few months back and on a whim asked the store owner if he could recommend a toy that would be safe for a big super chewer but something my little 6 pounder could also play with. Toys are so hard to find. He showed me a few toys


Amazing Toys

Large Dog Boxer Breed with Checkers Elephant GoDog Toy

Beau loves these toys they are very durable and fun to play with!!

Amy R

Sir Charles LOVES his GoDog toys!

Your toys are magnificent! As you can see Sir Charles aka…Charlie, loves them! Unfortunately, cow how to undergo an amputation, but still hanging in there! Awesome product 😊🐶


Sam and bunny

We bought this bunny 3 years ago after seeing the Chew Guard technology. He has always immediately destroyed every other toy and I was pleasantly surprised that this one has lasted. He plays with it regularly and it seems to be his favorite. We love Go Dog toys! And have since purchased some of the

Jennifer A.

Ringo Gets the Handme Downs

This is Ringo Johnny Ringo After Dufa Works the squeaky thing, Ringo Gets what is Left. HE LOVES IT.. Thank You for a Great Toy

Ivan L Salinas

Dufa Loves Her New Toy… Part IV

Yes Dufa Has Good Teeth and she likes To Use Them on Her New Toy. Thank You for My Great New Toy. Will try to Take Care of This One. NOT !!

Ivan L Salinas


I just want to say that these toys really live up to everything the company claims. Have had a few and still have a dragon, 3 or 4 years old, in great shape even after rotating through 5 dogs. Have a bee, the squeaker broke so I’m hoping for my once in a lifetime replacement.

Laurie rasco

Greatest Toy Ever!

River loves her godog toys. She can’t get enough of them and it takes her longer to destroy them than most. Love your products!

Andrea Self

My dogs love their dragon!!

This dragon has lasted over a year and it is by far my dogs’ favorite toy! Tori and Tank play fetch and very rough games of tug of war and this little guy continues to bring hours of enjoyment! First tear was this past week when a wing finally broke free, but after a quick



Huey absolutely loves his replacement toy that he received under your warranty policy! Thank you for standing behind your product!

Barb Hill


Here’s my Roxie with her replacement ball. Thanks for standing up to your warranty.

Chris Gillis

GoDog is the ONLY brand that this boy can’t destroy!

Hi there goDog family! This is Bentley here, American Bulldog from Fort Lauderdale, Fl, and he is a HUGE fan of goDog toys, especially the nubby ones with the squeakers! Here is a pic of him with his latest surprise today, he got the aqua monkey with the long arms and legs, and he already

Alicia D.

Rocket the Beagle

Rocket is a beagle we rescued just over a year ago. After many trials of different toys and even various godog “tuff” toys we found the elephants were his favorite and lasted the longest. Many times I have to sew a tear or perform an amputation on a leg but they are his babies to

Debbie Stark


I just wanted to let you know how much my dog Lucy loves her furballz. The rainbow one is her favorite. She loves to greet people at the door with it. I love the durability of it. Thank you for making great tough toys!

Holly N.

Paislee loves GoDog toys

Paislee loves her godog toys! We have bought Multiple ones for her because it’s what she always picks!

Brianne B.

Mr Dragon

Hi, just to say thanks for your super toys and how tough they really are. Mr Dragon has lived with my for around 4 years now, has been through countless machine washes, 2 puppies which are now my adult dogs plus a litter of 9 puppies. They’re great! I’m going to have a look at

Lisa N.

GoDog Birthday!

Rescue dog Birdie turned three yesterday! She couldn’t celebrate with her dog friends due to social distancing, the cats weren’t interested, but Cow and the very, very loved now one eyed mr. Chicken were there to celebrate with her:-). These are by far her favorite toys and they last forever. She is super tough on

Christine P.

GoDog Toys!

Hey just wanted to say that we discovered your toys (or my dog did!) and they have literally changed her life! No exaggeration! She’s an anxious pup who never really was into toys but she LOVES yours and it’s such a great thing to see her relaxed and playing.

Jim A.

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